The Empires Battle Pass NFTs

A 'Wolves Of Rome' Utility NFT Collection
This document will give you an insight and overview of our upcoming and continuous NFT drops. This will act as a separate whitepaper specific to this drop including utilities, rewards & roadmap.
The WoR Empires drops are a pre-game NFT collection consisting of exceptional, thematic, 3D animated art that are stacked full of incredibly rewarding utility, which we detail in this document.

Rewards at a Glance

1 Empire Battle Pass

Season 1 Empire Wolves - Sold Out July 31st

Season 2 Empire Liches - Sale Closed

Season 3 Empire Vampires - Launch Date To Be Announced

Unlike many NFT projects that have a game somewhere on their roadmap, WoR has gone about things differently; We are a game that has put all the focus on building a playable alpha before selling a single NFT to the community. We wanted to ensure that we are not just a promise like many of the very optimistic projects out there, but rather; that we're actually delivering a meaningful and fun product to the space that the community can test in its earliest form before investing in NFTs, tokens etc.

The First Step

Why Roman busts? Back in ancient Rome famous political leaders, generals & great gladiators were honored by stautes and monuments to immortalise their glory, the most common of which were half bust statuettes.
The Empire drops start exactly where they should: Rome, with wolves. But as per our lore and universe, the drops will extend further and encompass the remaining Empires and races all with their own limited Empire NFT drop. In total there will be 6 Empires with each their own drop.
Q: WoR is a trading card game. Are the Empire drops NFT cards that can be used in the game?
Well not exactly, it's so much better than that and here’s why:
A game development timeline is a long one, and expecting our community to wait 8+ months before they can play the full game or own NFT cards is a stretch. For this reason we have always wanted to do pre-game drops.
But cards are a core component of the game and they need to be balanced and the game fair, which is why we are going through vigorous alpha testing to gather enough data as to ensure that we can balance cards and game metas for this exact purpose. So, prematurely releasing cards to be minted as NFTs would make managing changes to game balance very difficult and as such, we have decided that, at this point, its unwise. (Our cards will be NFTs but you can read more about them and their minting process in our game whitepaper here.)
But this led us to a much more exciting way to reward our first movers, early adopters and OGs etc.
The Empires NFTs act as an access & utility NFT to a slew of benefits as we move down the roadmap, saving the best for last; redeemable items on game launch!
These bad boys are STACKED with utility!

Account Rewards & Utility

What's Included in the NFT Itself?

Before we jump into the utilities and rewards that follow an Empire NFT, we thought we would tell you exactly what's included (which files)within the NFT itself.
  • A high definition, animated, unique 3D statue bust equipped with armor, clothing weapons or additional items as its traits. This will be available as a high resolution Mp4 & Gif.
  • 3 static renders of the artwork.
  • The lore book for the Empire the bust belongs to (Wolves, Liches, Vampires, Yucatek, Barbarian, Qin) This will be a beautifully designed PDF booklet.
  • An STL 3D printer compatible mini of the core bust from the empire your NFT belongs to so you can have it printed and own it in real life too.
  • An MP3 of thematic music composed specifically for the Empire to which your bust belongs.

Empire Medallions

*All holders
*New reward added 7th September
Empire Wolves Medallions Policy ID: ecddedc323b02d4f3c93eacfdffae6bc152fdd958907677cde7a0561
Tier V Praetor
Tier VI Legatus
Tier VII Emperor
Limited 3D rendered collectible medallions representing the Empire Wolves. These are airdropped rewards to holders of our Season 1 collection and were distributed according to a snapshot taken of all Empire Wolves NFT holders. Each of the 7 types of medallion representing the amount of Wolves held and stacking accumulative.


Gladiator - Awarded to holders of 1+ Empire NFTs
Evocatus - Awarded to holders of 5+ Empire NFTs
Vexillarius - Awarded to holders of 10+ Empire NFTs
Primus - Awarded to holders of 20+ Empire NFTs
Praetor - Awarded to holders of 30+ Empire NFTs
Legatus - Awarded to holders of 50+ Empire NFTs
Emperor - Awarded to holders of 100+ Empire NFTs

Whitelist Memberships

*All holders
The Empires NFTs act as whitelist memberships to the following Empires drop. So, if you are holding a Roman Empire NFT you will be whitelisted for the Empire drop to follow, Liches.
The 6 drops will be released in the following order: Empire Wolves, Empire Liches, Empire Vampires, Empire Barbarians, Empire Yukatec, Empire Qin.
To see the entire Empire drop roadmap click here.

Empire Founders Cards

*Redeemable on game launch
The ‘Empire Founders’ edition is an extremely rare, never to be repeated edition. Unlike the other card editions where packs can be bought or earned, the ‘Empire Founders’ Edition cards are available only to holders of the Empire NFTs and unlike the editions to follow, they have a very limited supply. These cards will be easily recognisable by their crystalline diamond, animated card borders, both in game and in your wallet. So when you queue up a match, your opponent will know that he/she/they is up against a real OG Wolf!
For every Empires NFT owned, holders will be able to claim 3 random Empire Founders cards.
Ie. If you own two Wolves, a Lich and two Vampires, you will be able to claim 15 random founders cards.

Card Packs

*Redeemable with each new card edition released
For every Empire NFT that is held in a wallet, the holder will be able to claim 1 First Edition card pack.
A card pack consists of 5 cards, 1 of which is guaranteed to be rare or better.
*Furthermore; Holders of Empire NFTs will be able to claim a card pack from each edition that launches in Wolves of Rome (upon edition release).

Glorium; In-Game Currency

*Redeemable with each new card edition released
Glorium is the currency of the WoR universe, it’s used to pay forge fees, gain entry into events and to buy card packs. Holders of Empire NFTs will be gifted Glorium proportional to their number Empire NFTs held.
Read more about Glorium and its functionality in our whitepaper here.

The Forge: Empire Shards

*Redeemable with each new card edition released
To grow its power, each Empire should erect Monuments and build a strong architectural identity, whether for the Gods, for glory or to rally its warriors for their cause. However, this work can not be done without resources!
Empire Shards are a resource used in the Empire Forge to craft Battlefields (play boards) and Monuments.
Monuments are modular attachments to your play board (aka. "Arena") that add a strong aesthetic flavour, but also can enhance your rewards if you are able to claim victory over your opponent. You need to forge these monuments in the Forge, using the Forge shards and Glorium.
*Note: Monuments DO NOT affect gameplay & will never give users an in-game advantage!

In-Game Verified Profile Picture

*All Holders
All WoR players have the option to select from an array of profile pictures when setting up their player profile. These options increase and unlock as they gain XP and level up.
Holders of an Empire NFT asset will be able to use any of their unique Empire NFTs as profile pics and so, will be instantly recognisable in-game. This only applies if the NFT is in your wallet, should you sell the NFT this option will no longer be available to you and the buyer will then have this option - meaning that only the current holder will have this utility.

In-Game Aesthetics

*All Holders
Empire themed items like your card backs, and your PFP frame and nameplate (how you are displayed on leaderboards) will be claimable to players that hold Empire NFTs. For each Empire a holder owns an NFT for (eg. Rome, Egypt, Carthage, Barbarian, etc) they will be able to claim that Empires themed aesthetics.

Access To Empires Tournaments

*All Holders
As long as a player holds any one Empire NFT, they will have free access to all Empires tournaments. Players who do not hold the NFT can still purchase their entry with Glorium (the in game reward currency)
Read more about tournaments and competitions in our whitepaper here.

The Ultimate Collector Status

This applies to any person who holds at least one Empire NFT from every Empire drop. There are 6 total Empire drops as part of the launch lead-up.
  • Ultimate Collectors will receive $WOR tokens and be able to participate in integral governance votes (redeemable on set date. TBA)
  • Recognition as an Ultimate Collector on both Discord (role) and in-game (badge next to name)
  • Receive additional card packs, Glorium and shard packs to give their WoR adventure a boost.
  • Access to the Founders store which offers extremely rare, limited stock crystalline bordered founders cards for each edition. Founders cards, outside of the founders store, can only be attained by winning competitive tournaments.


Here you can find the roadmap for our Empires NFT drops, in order of release. When dates & minting supplies are made public, they will be announced across all media platforms and added to their respective Empire below.
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