A special thank you goes out to all our early community members, those who were there from the very beginning and gave us their precious time. Thank you for believing and showing us your support.
A very special shout out to those of you who gave us valuable feedback and sparring in order for us to deliver the best token structure and game ecosystem possible! For the sake of anonymity we will not mention your names, but you know who you are!
And lastly; Of Course a huge thank you to our wonderful team who together, achieved something truly incredible!
Wolves of Rome is a traditional trading card game (TCG) all about legendary commanders, big plays and tons of competitive battles. It’s a Magic: The Gathering-inspired universe with a twist of ancient history where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can battle, collect, compete, and build a Collection of cards to empower their decks.
All cards and in-game cosmetics can be minted on the Cardano blockchain as NFTs and are easily transferable to the secondary markets. This allows for true ownership and tradability of the players assets, bringing the real-world trading mechanics of card games to the digital space.

Our Mission

First and foremost, we want to make a truly honest and fun trading card game that feels true to the format but with it’s own modern touch. We believe it is time that gamers around the world are rewarded for their most valuable resource; their time.
A major difference between Wolves of Rome and traditional card games is the $WOR token and the Cardano blockchain it’s built on. $WOR tokens are used to reward our players for playing the game, achieving goals and for their contributions to the ecosystem. By stepping into the play & earn space, we hope we can help push the gaming industry in a direction that will place ownership into the right hands; the players.
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