Remote Control Productions

We are extremely fortunate to have partnered with Remote Control Productions, an international powerhouse with focus on mediation, development and production of games & entertainment software. Having built countless successful games for various platforms and devices, their experienced teams will help us to ensure a stable game experience.

With their extensive knowledge and wide range of contacts, RCP will support us across:

  • Game Development

  • Production Scaling

  • Investor Procurement

  • Creative Services

  • Porting to Mobile Devices

NFT-Maker Pro

Wolves of Rome and Semper Cozy have partnered with Patrick Tobler and his Cardano native NFT minting platform to assist in the minting process and lend us their general expertise in the area.

NFT-Maker Pro launched in the beginning of Q3 2021 and saw a combined minting volume of 1,500,000 ADA in the first three months.

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