The Playboard

The board (see diagram) Consists of Health, Landmark Board, Deck, Hand, Mana, Spell mana, Attack token, Commander, Action button, Unit board, Combat board.

1.2. Health - Players start with 30 Hp, once it drops to zero the player has lost.

1.3. Deck - The player's deck.

1.4. Commander - The player decks commander card.

1.5. Attack token - Token that decides which player can currently attack.

1.6. Defense token - Token that indicates which player is currently defending.

1.7. (Left)Mana - The player's mana pool, starts at 1 mana grows each round to eventually grant them a maximum of 10 mana per round.

1.7. (Right)Spell mana - Leftover unspent mana gets stored for a maximum of 3 spell mana. This mana can only be used on spell cards.

1.8. Action Confirm/Pass button - Button that allows the player to pass a turn or confirm an action.

1.9. Unit Board - Standby board of the players units.

1.10. Combat Board - Board of units who are declared to attack the opponent or defend.

1.11. Hand - the player's hand that holds the available cards to him.

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