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Commanders are Legendary cards that define the empire you can use to build your deck. At any moment you can pay your commander's resource cost to put it into play. If the commander dies or gets destroyed you can pay 2 resource cost to revive it and be able to pay its resource cost again and put it into play.


First you select your commander and then you can build your deck out of 30 cards. You can add 2 copies of a unique card in your deck.


The battle system was structured as a "Trading card game" system with inspiration from games like "Magic: The gathering" and “Legends of Runeterra”.

Battle Your Opponent

Your built deck is pit against your opponents. You both start at 30 HP and start out with a single resource point and at the end of each round you gain one more maximum resource point. You use these resource points to play the cards from your deck, you play units, landmarks, spells to defeat your opponent by reducing his health total to zero.

Starting A Match

You start the game by drawing 5 cards from your deck, then you can choose to keep or replace any of those cards. If you choose to replace any card, they’re put back into the deck and you draw new cards from the top of your deck. This is called the mulligan step.

Once you have chosen to keep or replace any of your cards the game starts, you draw one more card and the attack token is randomly assigned to one of the players.

Now, the player with the attack token goes first. Once a player plays a card then it is their opponent's turn to play one and this process is repeated until one of them has nothing to play anymore and then ends their turn. Anytime during a round, the player with the attack token may instigate an attack with their units. After this the opponent is given a chance to choose which units to block the attackers with. Once combat has resolved, players can play any cards they want to and then end their turns and thus end the round.

When the round is ended, the attack token is passed to the other player and both players' mana is replenished and increases by 1, up to a maximum of 10 mana.

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