The archaic times of non-custodial gaming and storage of in-game assets is ending as NFT technology keeps expanding, especially within the gaming industry. Therefore, we have decided that we won’t just limit our NFT offerings to just cards, as is the norm amongst other NFT Card games.

In Wolves of Rome, everything tangible can be minted as an NFT, giving you decentralized ownership over everything that affects your experience. Assets that can be minted as NFTs include:

  • Cards i.e. Commanders, Unit Cards, Spells, Landmarks etc.

  • Card cosmetics such as special borders and card-backs

  • Thematic Battlefields

The Choose-to-mint Solution

For the sake of longevity, stability and mass adoption, we will bridge the gap between the blockchain and regular gaming industries. One of the ways we do this is by not forcing NFT and blockchain technology onto new-comers.

This means that players are free to play Wolves Of Rome without ever being exposed to NFTs and the blockchain. Instead, we let the players decide which of their assets they would like to mint and transfer to a marketplace for trading. This also keeps the costs down for the players, as they are not constantly paying minting fees everytime they buy or earn new cards.

Via in-game tips, notifications and tutorials we will guide new players to how they can mint and trade their collection in an easily digestible format.

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