Community & Governance

Wolves of Rome is a game driven by it's community – a game where players and developers are both incentivized to work together to grow the network.

We will work closely with our community members and include them in our creative processes as we seek to collaborate with creators for future asset releases and we welcome user-generated content.

Wolves of Rome and the surrounding universe will become a powerful driver in the NFT gaming industry, where we attract developers to blockchain technology and act like a launchpad for them.

Communities carry games and that’s why they succeed.

  • Players need to be treated fairly

  • Governance. They should have a say into which way the game is heading and be included in the decision making process.

  • Play-and-earn. Players should be rewarded for investing their time and money into playing our game.

  • True ownership. The players should literally own their assets and be able to sell and resell their cards at will, on any secondary CNFT market guaranteeing them real ownership, unlike the already existing major digital card games.


Future decisions for the Wolves of Rome development and ecosystem will gradually evolve into being community driven and run by governance voting. As the $WOR coin is distributed among players and stakers, Semper Cozys direct decision making will become less concentrated over time. The Semper Cozy team will be able to vote with the locked Play & Earn and Staking Rewards allocations. This will ensure the growth of the ecosystem by preventing hostile actors from disrupting the early phases of development.

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